You cannot love what you do not appreciate.

,T-6.I.17. “I do not need gratitude, but you need to develop your weakened ability to be grateful, or you cannot appreciate God. 2 He does not need your appreciation, but you do. 3 You cannot love what you do not appreciate, for fear makes appreciation impossible. 4 When you are afraid of what you are you do not appreciate it, and will therefore reject it. 5 As a result, you will teach rejection.”

We talked about this comment in last week’s meeting with regards to “past events.”  I made a statement in the group that is very applicable,” If you think of a past event and there is emotional charge that is anything other than love, than  healing still needs to occur.”  It is only when we can get to a point that we can see the past with all its events and know it only as a blessing, then we know we have healed and we have learned.  Learning is only when our conclusions to an event are “life enhancing.”

The same goes here for appreciation.  If we do not appreciate something, fear blocks us from love.  We can appreciate, even that which we don’t understand, believe or not.  We appreciate our differences and give tidings to the one who knows all things.  We can appreciate that something is occurring that we would otherwise not want to see.  When we can understand it, we make it real.  But why would you want to make real, which is but an illusion?  Do not make real what is not real.  Just be content in not understanding.

I’ve heard this used quite affectively at times in our group.  We get in on big topics like war and world war II and people like “Hitler.”  Then, invariably,  someone says, “That’s nice, but can we stay focused on my world?  I can’t even get down the street without wanting to bomb the car next to me for cutting me off let.   Let alone worrying about things cross the continent.”

I can apply this to my own life with utilities in the house.  Lately, my dishwasher, my garbage disposal and my dryer need replacing.  Sounds trivial and in some regards it is.  However, it can really hit the pocket book when it’s an unprepared emergency.  I do not have to understand why it’s happening but that it needs attention.  I can appreciate the attention it’s causing me and give blessings that attention is needed.  There is no stress in my life at the moment because my emergency fund will cover it.  I can appreciate that I have an emergency fund.    I read a very funny comment from Dave Ramsey once.  He said to plan for an emergency fund.  People would come to him and say, “Dave, you are not being positive.  Planning for a bad outcome?”  He said, “Yes, I am being positive. I’m positive, you will need an emergency fund.”

This is true and so we can appreciate even the bad outcomes.  It may be difficult to do in the moment but when all is said and done and the emergency is over, can you look back at it as a blessing?  Need more?  Want to discuss?  Come tonight, to our meeting.

Blessings, Rev. Dr. Chris Farmer.