When you have seen your brothers as yourself

A Thought for the week, T-13.VIII.8.  “When you have seen your brothers as yourself you will be released to knowledge,

having learned to free yourself through Him Who knows of freedom.”

Another way of putting this, “We are not separate.  When we can see all of humanity and how it relates to us and see our unification, then we are free.  Free from the struggle of differences.”  Differences are only differences in time and space.  In reality, there is only eternity and all is the same with just a different expression in this plane of existence.

Confused?  The first time I witnessed this feeling of similarity, I found myself walking down the street and meeting and greeting people.  I found myself saying to myself, “Oh.. wow, that’s me at age 6.  That me at age 23.  That’s me at age 35!”  “Oh wow…, I wonder if I’ll be like that someday?”  “Look at that, I rejected that path in myself, but I wonder if my life would have been like if I hadn’t rejected that path?”

The sooner we realize our difference are nothing more than a decision, then all the separation falls away.  The dream is gone and what is left is reality.

What to know more?  Come find out, tonight.

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