Release from Guilt

Thought for the week: T-13.IX.2. “Release from guilt is the ego’s whole undoing. 2 Make no one fearful,…”

This is a strange thought indeed to the world as we know it.  I remember being brought up in a world that it was accepted practice to base learning off of guilt.  I should feel guilty for this.  They should feel guilty for that.  That my guilt somehow drives my decisions for better choices.

However, when we think this way, we have something backwards.  The course says, “Guilt is a sure sign of wrong thinking.”  I use to think that this means guilt will never come up if I’m in right mind and this is true.  However, I’m often not in my right mind yet.  When we are not in our right mind, guilt does come up.  When it does, you can sure bet that your thinking that got you to a guilty outcome is not good.  It doesn’t mean, start to deny you feel guilty.  This is a coverup and to further your mistakes.  You have to back up to the original thought or decision that caused the guilt in the first place and “choose again.”  This is a gentle correction.  Much like backing the car up and turning left instead of right.  The guilt itself and all the condemnation you may inflict upon yourself or someone else, does nothing.  Only a choice for a willingness to try it differently, with love, makes the difference.  The Course goes on to say, let Holy Spirit correct those things you can’t correct and just “choose again.”

Let us choose again.  Find something today, that didn’t feel quite right and ask “how may I do this differently?  Out of love.”  Wait for an answer….  It is in the asking that an answer will come and it will come.