Pain is a wrong perspective

Lesson 190, “Pain is a wrong perspective. 2 When it is experienced in any form, it is a proof of self-deception. 3 It is not a fact at all. 4 There is no form it takes that will not disappear if seen a right.”

How bold the Course is around this idea of pain and that it is self-deception.   My first thought when I read this is was, “Oh yeah?  Feels pretty real to me when someone steps on my toe or worse.”  However, as you read on, the Course in Miracles is not talking about the physical world.  The Course says “Pain is but witness to the Son’s(all of us) mistakes in which he thinks he is.”

Our fundamental error, “what we think we are and not what we really are.”  What are we then?  How can you define the undefinable?  How can you take the infinite and put it in a box?  You are an infinite being.  You are from the same source that created all things and is from all things.  How could you be anything less than everything?  Yet, as I try to define it here I miss the point.  You are undefinable.

Now back to pain for a moment.  What is pain to the course?  The Course goes on in the lesson to say, “It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain.  Nothing External to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way.. No one but yourself affects you.”

From this we can see, that Pain is a state of mind.  A state we have begun to learn a lot about so we can get out of this state.  Pain is mental anguish.  It is when we think we are anything less than the undefinable.  It means that we are not certain and are not feeling joyful.

So how do we get out of a state of pain?  The course uses this lesson to give us great insight.  Just by recognizing that we are in a state that serves us not, is the first step in letting it go.  When we recognize it is an unnatural state for an infinite being with infinite possibilities, then the possibilities for something different emerge.

We get out of our pain by “seeing it right.”  We know this when the pain dissipates. Comes with reassurance from ourselves when we recognize who we really are.  It may change nothing about our circumstance but we will feel a great burden release from our shoulders.  When the image in our mind changes to one of truth of joy.  When certainty wraps our next steps in the progress of pain to the path of truth.

Use pain this week when it comes up, as  a portal into our awareness that we have not thought correctly.  That there is another way of thinking about this that can bring joy.  Ask yourself (your higher self), “How can I see this differently?”  From all questions comes an answer.

Join me today and this week, from the deliverance of any pain to the deliverance of joy.  Send me a note on your joyous adventures.