No order of difficulty in miracles

T-1.I.1.,”There is no order of difficulty in miracles. 2 One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. 3 They are all the same. 4 All expressions of love are maximal.”

Commentary: What a relief this first principle of a miracle is to all of us.  That is doesn’t matter how big the miracle is.  The miracles are all treated the same and all can easily be overcome in an instant.  I feel called to remind some readers that one definition of a miracle is a shift in thought to love where there wasn’t before.

Some miracles seem “huge” to us.  That there is no way that love will come.  However, I’m here to say that a miracle can occur and with the strangest of situations with people you thought had no hope…  The course reminds us that hope is available in every situation.  This “no order of difficulty” keeps us open to the possibility that a miracle can occur in the most unlikely of places.

The course in miracles says, “Miracles occur naturally,” and they do.  Seeing a smile on a strangers face, or finding my car keys, can all be what seems to be “small” miracles.  However, the same feeling of love occurs.

Some miracles feel “huge.”  I had a friend of mine who had not spoken to me in over 7 years.  I had difficulty in this.  I am not even sure why he/she didn’t speak to me.  The best guess is that they didn’t approve of my previous marriage, which I’m un-proud to say, “he/she might have been right about all along.”  However, what an odd way to treat a friend by just “x’ing” them out of their life just because they didn’t approve of their friends choices?   If the choices harmed my friend, I guess I could understand this behavior as a way of protecting oneself.  However, I couldn’t see my last marriage was harming a long distance relationship with an old friend that was not hanging out with me frequently.

In either case, shortly after my marriage, he/she stopped returning my calls.  I tried to guilt he/she into calling me back;no success.  I tried talking through his parents as he/she’s parents were still in contact with me; no success.  I finally, just let all these behaviors of pursuits go and just did what I do.  Moved on as you would say.  When I was in the area, I did meet up with my friends parents from time to time as they continued to have a relationship with me.

A Long story short, 7 years later, while visiting he/she’s parents, I had this incredible conversation with my friend.  A lot of connection and catching up.  I was open to talking with he/she as I had no guilt or attack in me from even a recently “ignored” phone call.  We had this great connection.  Truly a miracle to me.

After 7 years, this miracle seems huge.  However, I can safely say, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”  It was not harder or bigger than any of my other miracles.  The love was maximal.  I am glad.


Rev. Dr. Chris. Farmer.