“Mental Discipline”

Commentary: Have you tried the Course in Miracles work book lessons yet?  I have sometimes been told, if you are not doing the lessons you are not doing the Course.  We discuss and focus on portions of the text in our meetings.  However, you will hear me often say that the workbook lessons are your own personal journey.

Some of the lessons seem overwhelming, hard to follow, fearful, words that you would not use yourself, and abstract. The course will say you may actively resist the workbook lesson.  Sometimes, we don’t get where it’s leading us or how it would really help.  However, all of this are just blocks towards the truth.

The lessons give us a discipline to follow and an experience beyond theory to follow.  Something to take us out of the “hell” we have created with our own mind.  Ernest Holmes once said, “you must pluck the bad thoughts from your mind” like a Gardner plucking weeds from a garden.  The Course in Miracles says we are too tolerant of mental mind wondering. We must be vigilant towards the truth.

I find that I need a daily reminder “somehow” that I am more than the “little me” that thinks I am separate.  We spend way too much time focusing on “problems” and not enough time realizing that we are living with a power of unlimited potential that goes with us.  That love happens often and is as natural as breathing.

No matter where you are at with your mental discipline, take a moment today to join with me in remembering Lesson 95.  Read it thoroughly and understand the meaning of forgiveness on yourself by not having mental discipline up till now.  Decide, with me to “try again.”

Tonight, we’ll dive deep on this workbook lesson 95.  In summary, consider the possibility for just a moment that “We are one Self, united with our Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace.”  Close our eyes, and say it again but  allow the meaning of the words to sink in.   “Feel” what the words are conveying.

“Say no to mental paralysis” and join us tonight or “right now” with this email.