I Need Do Nothing

Thought for the week, T18 VII.5, “when the light comes at last into the mind given to contemplation; or when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it always comes with just one happy realization; “I need do nothing.

The Course says a beautiful thing about us all.  It says that our value is maximal and was given to us at birth.  There is nothing in this world that would increase or decrease our worth.  Our love is maximal and our worth far exceeds anything a mind can imagine.

What does that say about you and me?  We are worthy.  We are worthy beyond any measure.  We are such an incredible presences of divine expression that anything is possible.  To accept anything less than this true description, is the arrogance of the ego and little minded thinking.

Now… before you start getting a big head about yourself and decide everyone should serve you, forget it.  It’s not about “rights” or  to think you “deserve” something.  The ego slips in the back door with these quotes a zillion different ways.

Here is another truth, “Yes, you need to nothing” but nothing at all would be being dead in this world.  Which I do quite well while watching TV.  The only doing one needs to do is that which life inspires us to do.  Look for what brings us alive and make what we are currently doing, exciting fun and full of love.  Your worth is beyond measure and your value to this world is unfathomable.  Express my friend while realizing it’s not a “need to do something” but rather a “want to do something.”

I need do nothing, but I want to do everything!  Live, breath, and be marry!

Want to know more?  Come tonight, to our group.  Come learn how to “thrive” and be “alive.”