Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly

The thought for the week: T-8.VIII.9 ,“Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly.”

Interesting quote for me.  Is this true for you?  What comes up for you when you hear this quote?  I’d love to hear from you.

It seems true but then if I’m not healthy, how am I using my body lovelessly?  That’s the key… knowing.

Now I’m a big believer in not teaching guilt and if guilt starts coming up for any one of us over this phrase, I need to remind myself and others that guilt is a sure sign of wrong thinking. There are diseases in this planet and people do grow old.  Is all of it a decision to attack oneself?  From a mind perspective, the course says T-2.I.5, “Health is inner peace.”  When we can let go of all external searching, we will find health.  We can have health even when it’s time to depart this world.  A calm and certain mind is health.

But, I still believe our body can contain the reflections of our thoughts.  You may think you can sneak a pizza at 2:30am in the morning, but a couple of days later, the body will reveal the truth for all to see!  Now again, no guilt, and no attack is meant here.  There are many things in this world that appear out of our control, and that is okay.  That is not what I mean here.  Leave attack aside for now.

Lately, I have been going on a cleanse diet.  I said to myself before I started, “here I go again.”  However, I have been playing with a concept that I have known for many years, but wondered if somehow it was part of my blocks towards being my perfect weight?  The concept was revealed last week.  Nothing outside of myself will bring me happiness.  Only myself will bring me happiness.  Now sunny days and a good massage sure help, but truly it is me that still decides to be happy.

So, if this is true, then what “out there” will bring me any more joy than I already have?  The answer is, “None of it.”  With my body, I think I was trying to find joy in foods and other means that my body was not keeping up with.  My body was starting to show the signs by being a little over weight.  Apparently, I was showing signs of a decision to attack myself.

To get back on track, I have been mantra-ing,

“nothing outside myself will bring me peace.”

“That ice cream will not bring me peace.”

“That pizza will not bring me peace.”

The Course says in T-8,VII.13 “To see a body as anything except a means of communication is to limit your mind and to hurt yourself. 4 Health is therefore nothing more than united purpose.”

As I play with the idea of ideal weights and other things in the world, one thing is for certain, my mind and body should be united in purpose.  This unification will bring me peace.  I won’t look at my body in judgment with decisions that seem to “not be my own.”   I pray for myself and others, that we are truly aware of ourselves.  That we “know!”  When we can understand our actions and why we do what we do, we can then begin to correct if we so choose.  When we can be united in our body and mind, our soul will rejoice.

Join with me in United front and united purpose, and let’s celebrate a peaceful world together.