You are not alone

ACIM T-28.VII.5. “But never you alone. 2 This world is but the dream that you can be alone, and think without affecting those apart from you. 3 To be alone must mean you are apart, and if you are, you cannot but be sick.“

I did some studying around “spiritual healing” and one thing I found common in all spiritual healing practices is this belief that we are not “alone.”  You want to send anyone into an oblivion of depression, just convenience them how alone they are in the world.  We are never alone, even when we think we are.  This is extremely powerful thought to take on and truly get in all of its dimensions (for happiness).

This doesn’t mean you have to start inviting people to your house and have a party every hour (But it does sound like fun).  The world is teaming with life.  The trees are alive.  The birds are singing.  The cat meows from the neighbor’s yard.  Whatever the case, you are not alone.  The course goes beyond the physical and is talking from a spiritual perspective, but its true in all cases.

I remember feeling very depressed one day.  I was feeling alone.  I had an intuitive thought however, that I felt alone in my house but not when I went for a walk in the woods.  Why, I asked?  I realized that my house had no plants or animals in it and with the windows closed, I was actually cut off from all physical life and was living in a dead-tree carcass.

My solution?  I went for a walk and immediately felt better.  I also went and bought some plants.  Believe it or not, it helped my depression.  Finally I bought some birds and then a cat.  My cat then ate my birds and a complex relationship drama began to unfold between my cat and I.  However, I hold this story for another day.

You are with everyone.  It is impossible to be alone and be in right mind.   We share the same air with everyone, so we are not alone.  When we go to the Grocery store to buy food, that food was transported by half a dozen people you did not see or witness, helping to support your decision to buy the food.  Not only are we not alone but we don’t do any of this ‘life’ alone.  Our egos are all boasted at birth to support the idea that we can do it “on our own.”  But this is a false statement.  We need everyone and everyone needs us.

Your part in the universe is so important that if you stop playing your part, the whole universe waits for your return.  This is how important you are.

Today, above all days, you should know for a fact, ”You are not alone.”  Want to know more?  Come to Tuesday nights.

You cannot love what you do not appreciate.

,T-6.I.17. “I do not need gratitude, but you need to develop your weakened ability to be grateful, or you cannot appreciate God. 2 He does not need your appreciation, but you do. 3 You cannot love what you do not appreciate, for fear makes appreciation impossible. 4 When you are afraid of what you are you do not appreciate it, and will therefore reject it. 5 As a result, you will teach rejection.”

We talked about this comment in last week’s meeting with regards to “past events.”  I made a statement in the group that is very applicable,” If you think of a past event and there is emotional charge that is anything other than love, than  healing still needs to occur.”  It is only when we can get to a point that we can see the past with all its events and know it only as a blessing, then we know we have healed and we have learned.  Learning is only when our conclusions to an event are “life enhancing.”

The same goes here for appreciation.  If we do not appreciate something, fear blocks us from love.  We can appreciate, even that which we don’t understand, believe or not.  We appreciate our differences and give tidings to the one who knows all things.  We can appreciate that something is occurring that we would otherwise not want to see.  When we can understand it, we make it real.  But why would you want to make real, which is but an illusion?  Do not make real what is not real.  Just be content in not understanding.

I’ve heard this used quite affectively at times in our group.  We get in on big topics like war and world war II and people like “Hitler.”  Then, invariably,  someone says, “That’s nice, but can we stay focused on my world?  I can’t even get down the street without wanting to bomb the car next to me for cutting me off let.   Let alone worrying about things cross the continent.”

I can apply this to my own life with utilities in the house.  Lately, my dishwasher, my garbage disposal and my dryer need replacing.  Sounds trivial and in some regards it is.  However, it can really hit the pocket book when it’s an unprepared emergency.  I do not have to understand why it’s happening but that it needs attention.  I can appreciate the attention it’s causing me and give blessings that attention is needed.  There is no stress in my life at the moment because my emergency fund will cover it.  I can appreciate that I have an emergency fund.    I read a very funny comment from Dave Ramsey once.  He said to plan for an emergency fund.  People would come to him and say, “Dave, you are not being positive.  Planning for a bad outcome?”  He said, “Yes, I am being positive. I’m positive, you will need an emergency fund.”

This is true and so we can appreciate even the bad outcomes.  It may be difficult to do in the moment but when all is said and done and the emergency is over, can you look back at it as a blessing?  Need more?  Want to discuss?  Come tonight, to our meeting.

Blessings, Rev. Dr. Chris Farmer.

If you attack another, your will is not Gods will

T-22.I.2.” If you attack whom God would heal and hate the one He loves, then you and your Creator have a different will.”

The Course in Miracles says that your will and God’s will is one.  When you are “on your path” and remembering who you are, you are in alignment with your “real will.”  You cannot help but do “God’s will” because in reality, your will and his/her will is one.

The Course in Miracles challenges us to remember who we are, to remember where we came from and what created us.  The course says that we are all children-of-God and with that, we are loved and are love.   If we are not acting from this space, then we have forgotten who we are.

If we want to attack another, we are certainly not doing God’s bidding.  We can attack in the small as well as the large.  Attack can come in the form of ignoring someone, slighting them, cutting them down, or can be more grievous behavior such as physical violence.  In any case, attack of any kind is not remembering who we are.

The Course will challenge us to give attack entirely and for all times.  However, giving up attack doesn’t mean we have to be ignorant to the truth of how people are behaving or surround ourselves in situations that are difficult and overwhelming for ourselves if we are under constant attack.  Do not forget who you are!  You are the truth and the way and the light.  In every situations, lies a solution.  When you see attack, try to find a way to be certain and solid on the love underlining yourself and the other.  Be the energy of solution.  Have faith that with God all things are possible.  Be of service and do God’s bidding.  Don’t attack back.  However, if you find yourself in weakened state and tempted to defend yourself and “counter-attack”, then if possible, remove yourself from the situation, take a deep breath, and then come back to love …. another day.

What solutions would you like to see this week?  For me, time…. When time is not an attack, then I will have all the time in the world.

Want to learn more or discuss?  Come tonight.

Your Mission according to the Course in Miracles

,T-4.VI.6,”Your mission is very simple. 3 You are asked to live so as to demonstrate that you are not an ego.”

What is the Ego?  We have to be careful here because different literature uses the word “ego” differently.  For the Course in Miracles, one simple definition can be found in T-3,IV.2 ” The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.”

Another way of putting this.  It’s what you think you are, not what you really are.  The Ego is talked about a lot in the Course in Miracles.  In one breath, it says not to study the Ego because you will then make it real.  However, it then goes on for 600+ pages mentioning what the ego is.

T-3.IV.3,”The ego is the questioning aspect” It is capable of asking questions but not of perceiving meaningful answers.  T-3.V.2.When you make something to fill a perceived lack, you are tacitly implying that you believe in separation. 5 The ego has invented many ingenious thought systems for this purpose.

So from the course aspect of “Ego” it is defining what you “think” you are and a lot of the thought systems based on this is based in separation.  However, I don’t believe the ego is the enemy to “win over” and concur.  That, is ego-ic thinking.  We have raise above the level of mind that creates problems.  This is demonstrating that you are not an ego.

I liked how Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now and New Earth, put it when he said the problem is not the mind.  (Mind different from Course in Miracles but rather “consciousness” or egoic mind).  The mind does what it is meant to do…. “solve problems.”   It can solve jig-saw puzzles and build atomic bombs.  The problem is not the mind but rather, we appreciate the mind so much in our society that we give control over to the mind to make the decisions.

This is not demonstrating that you are not an ego.

We have ego-ic minds, but we are not ego’s.  We are more.  Can we even define ourselves?  How could we?  The course very simply says whatever you think of yourself or your brother, their value and worth far exceeds.  Not even the best mind could imagine what you really are.

Ready to demonstrate you are not an ego today?  Find out tonight.


Rev. Dr. Chris Farmer

The truth does not need defending

,”T-14.VII.5. Light cannot enter darkness when a mind believes in darkness, and will not let it go. 2 Truth does not struggle against ignorance, and love does not attack fear. 3 What needs no protection does not defend itself. 4 Defense is of your making. 5 God knows it not.”

The course reminds us of a constant truth that is out there and available for all.  At the same time, we believe what we believe, regardless of all the facts.  I have seen this in my travels and encounters many times.  Have you ever had a quarrel with someone till you’re “blue” in the face?  No matter how hard you try convincing them, they can’t see your side?  Now, don’t just say it’s me.  If you have always won your quarrels I’d like you to be my next lawyer and I want to hear from you.

People are often solid in their belief.  The course recognizes this and says “we treasure what we made up because we made it.”  It’s our baby (so to speak).  No matter of convincing will convince a brother of error that they want.  Now, there may be truth from both perspectives.  This understanding has humbled my quarrels over the years.  How could there be two sides?  Well, take a coin and put it between you and another person.  One person will see “tails” and the other person will see “heads.”  Your both right and yet you will describe completely different things about the same object.

Darn, so I’m not always right?  Well, relax, because according to the course, God is.  That is just it.  God and truth are one.  There is this inevitable, unwavering truth, that represents the universe according to the course.  This is God.  This truth does not need defending because it is the truth.  It does not change, because it is the truth.  The truth will of itself reveal itself to all.

So what does this mean for you and me?  Well, if it’s not true, we will figure it out eventually.  I’m just hoping a figure it out before I die and while I am, I relax a little more while discussing truth with others.  Who knows,  maybe they see tails when I see heads?

The truth does not need defending.  Want to know more?  Come tonight.  The truth will be revealed.


–         Rev. Dr. Chris Farmer

Blessed are the meek

When I first heard about “the meek” I suppose it was from Mathew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”  The Course says a few things about “the Meek”.  T-2.II.7, “It is hard to believe a defense that cannot attack is the best defense. 4 This is what is meant by “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

Sometimes I like to look up words in the dictionary before truly soaking in the meaning with the Course.  For example, when I was a young child, and I first heard the word meek, I thought it meant “week.”  However, it means “Patient and non-violent and non-boastful.”

I picture for myself, sometimes, when I have earned my greatest achievements.  Sometimes under great pain.  It has happened when I don’t focus on the goal.  I know the goal is there, and I want to achieve it, but I just do the next step that needs to be done.  When I do this, in my own life, great things can come.  It can take time, but certainly, some goals can morph instantly on me to an end result.  Time is not the element here.

When I just focus on the next step, I am not wasting energy trying to talk about what I’m doing.  I’m not wasting energy trying to defend what I’m doing.  I just do it.  Some of my achievements, have come with great respect and help from others.  The “I” when I say “I” did something, is really the divine spirit working through all situations supporting my efforts to an end result.  It really is a “we” and this is probably true humbleness.

Above all else, don’t you want to be meek today?

The Course mentions with meek,” “It is hard to believe a defense that cannot attack is the best defense”  Now that we know what meek is, come tonight to learn more about this comment.  It’s a secret sauce.

If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself

”T-3.III.7. If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself.”  I find this an intriguing concept this week as it has showed up in my life in the small.  Often, we can speak to others from a perspective of wanting change.  We say, “You are doing this wrong,”  “If you only knew better,” “What are you doing?”

We say these things because we see something we’d like to see differently.  Sometimes we can flower it with fancy words and be gentle in our approach, but other times it comes out like “puke” and is not well received.  If we can just tell this person to change, then we can see a change for the better?  We’ll, yes, perhaps, but as they say sometimes, “the road to hell can sometimes be paved with good intentions.”

The course says,” Any attempt you make to correct a brother means that you believe correction by you is possible, and this can only be the arrogance of the ego.”

The first rule of thumb is, “is the correction something that the brother is asking for?”

Remember, if you make him wrong it may not be received well.  When I was in practitioner training, they said to be careful with “unsolicited advice.”  Good words to heed.

The course goes on to say,  T-9,”4 When you correct a brother, you are telling him that he is wrong. 5 He may be making no sense at the time, and it is certain that, if he is speaking from the ego, he will not be making sense. 6 But your task is still to tell him he is right. 7 You do not tell him this verbally, if he is speaking foolishly. 8 He needs correction at another level, because his error is at another level.”

What is the course in miracles suggesting then?  The correction is love.  Seeing people in love as best we can so that we can find the space to see them in a good light.  Giving them grace.  When we don’t, it does nothing but hurt us both.

The best example of this that I can think of as a father is my love for my children.  They may have a tantrum and they may need a time out, but I still love them.  My love goes without question.  What if we could give this unquestioning love to other adults?  Why do we give them less grace.  Yes, you think, they are old enough and should know better.  However, what if they really just don’t know better.  What if we have all been taught to not know better?

Concider giving a brother grace.  Unmerited reward of love, regardless of what is unfolding and how they are behaving.  Now, I’m not asking you to be a dormat.  Love is love.  Love doesn’t imply giving people with bad credit, your credit card.  Love is not allowing your children to walk in the street when a car is coming or they will cry.  You do the right thing.  Just love in the process.

Recently, I wanted correction in a few relationships so I could have a more healthy and better relationship with those individuals.  When I asked for the correction, it was not love that I received.  It was not love that they heard.  Even though I thought it was love I wanted and love I thought I was requesting.  Clearly it ended with feedback that ego had once again slipped into my intentions and conversations.  “If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself.”  I got hurt and for that I asked for forgiveness.  (A whole other topic to cover another time.)

All expressions of love are maximal

Thought for the Week, “T-1.I.1. There is no order of difficulty in miracles. 2 One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. 3 They are all the same. 4 All expressions of love are maximal.”

How glad the world would be if we all remembered this simple expression.  I remember sadly once, while my mom was not at her best, drunk… She said to me, “Chris, I love your Dad more than you and don’t get in my way of that love.”

She was drunk and the past has literally healed.  I hold nothing against her for these comments anymore.  However, as a young child, it hurt.  It hurt because somehow it felt like I was less than.  (Even if it were true).  I think I was 11 at the time.  I swore to myself I would never say “comparisons” like this to anyone I loved.

The Course has it right here.  Love is kind of like being pregnant.  You can’t be partially pregnant.  You are either pregnant or not.  You are either in love or not.  Sometimes, it would seem we really are not in love and sometimes it would seem, we really are.  As a joke, the Course says “You can’t sometimes being committed.”

The Course in Miracles reminds us that love is “total.” Love is “unwavering.” Love is 100% (Maximal).

There are no orders in Love.

I know what you are saying.  “But what about this… But what about that?  But….”

Yes, there are a lot of “Butts” out there!

Love does show up “in form” in different ways..  I give love to my children, different than I give love to my partner (thank god).

I give love to my boss different than I give love to my friends.

However, love is love and maximal in affect and acknowledgement.

Join me in this truest crusade today and if you have never done it before, do it now.  Forgive yourself for ever doing this if you have done it before, and commit to love “maximally.”   Let us never again compare one love as greater than or less than.

When you have seen your brothers as yourself

A Thought for the week, T-13.VIII.8.  “When you have seen your brothers as yourself you will be released to knowledge,

having learned to free yourself through Him Who knows of freedom.”

Another way of putting this, “We are not separate.  When we can see all of humanity and how it relates to us and see our unification, then we are free.  Free from the struggle of differences.”  Differences are only differences in time and space.  In reality, there is only eternity and all is the same with just a different expression in this plane of existence.

Confused?  The first time I witnessed this feeling of similarity, I found myself walking down the street and meeting and greeting people.  I found myself saying to myself, “Oh.. wow, that’s me at age 6.  That me at age 23.  That’s me at age 35!”  “Oh wow…, I wonder if I’ll be like that someday?”  “Look at that, I rejected that path in myself, but I wonder if my life would have been like if I hadn’t rejected that path?”

The sooner we realize our difference are nothing more than a decision, then all the separation falls away.  The dream is gone and what is left is reality.

What to know more?  Come find out, tonight.